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Want to get Instagram Fame? Follow These Amazing T...

If you have just joined the much talked about Instagram and want to increase your follower count fast, there are many ways to do this. Given below are some effortless tips that will make sure that your follower count increases significantly in a few days, and what’s more, they are incredibly easy!

Carve Out Your Niche

You must have noticed that most Instagram accounts that boast fame in a flash are focused on a couple of niches and post images and other content related to them. The best thing to do is find out an area that you are personally passionate about. It must be something that you are knowledgeable about as well. For e.g. if you are into cooking, you must limit most of your posts that are related to the world of food.  Another popular niche is travel. Decide your purpose and try sticking to it.

Frequency Is Essential

Besides making sure that your content is of top quality, you have to maintain a good frequency. Make sure that you post high quality and relevant photos and videos essentially all the time. This will increase your visibility and ensure that you have a massive instagram following in no time. You can start from at least two or three posts every day and then bring it up to as much as four daily. Take care that you don’t end up over-posting; this is as harmful as under-posting.

Paying Influencers Reaps Benefits With Instagram Followers

You will find that most Instagram accounts do frequent promotions. You can consider paying influencers like popular Instagram accounts, the followers of which fall under the category of your target audience. Find the most reasonably priced accounts; if a certain page does promotions, they will invariably have a contact email in their bio. A simple caption to check out your account on such pages can get you hundreds of followers.

The key is to make sure that you know your target market well and post content that it relevant to them!

Prepare Mouth-Watering and Flavorsome Pasta with B...

Pasta, as mouth-watering it may be, is pretty difficult to make. You will have to use your hands and knead the pasta, which can be frustrating at times. With toastmaster bread machine, you can get it done easily. Follow some simple steps and you will have your own pasta.

To prepare the pasta you will need one cup of flour, one egg, one teaspoon vegetable oil, about one to two teaspoons of water, three-four spoon of salt, and the bread machine.

Steps to Make Pasta in Bread Maker

  • First step is to put all the ingredients in the bread maker. Albeit, one teaspoon of water is enough, keep water close to you so that if the dough turns rough and the machine is unable to work, you can add more water to it. Allow the bread making machine to begin work of mixing and kneading the dough.
  • Once the dough has been mixed for twenty minutes, you can take it out of the bread machine. Do not pick with your hand, use the plastic wrap in which you will be keeping it. Wrap the dough and leave it on the kitchen counter for twenty minutes. After twenty minutes knead the dough with hands and make four balls out of it. Now, stretch these balls into sheets and this will eventually be your pasta.
  • Make thin sheets out of the ball. However, do not make it too thin as it might make your pasta brittle. Once you have made it into sheets, you can cut thin strips of pasta. This is an important step as the strips you are making need to be of the same consistency and shape.

You can also make noodles in a similar manner. Toastmaster Bread Machine does not simply do the job; it does it with utmost precision.